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6 Reasons of Failure in Automation Testing


Rather than modeling tests anytime, writing four lines of code and victimization check assertion from the check engine, and attempting to catch bugs anytime, testers believe to try and do ten lines of coding. But it’s not one thing to require pride in as a result of it primarily isn’t the correct methodology of testing.  

Let’s have a glance differing kinds of coding shortcuts/hacks ways applied by automation testers that categories them as failing testers.   

For Loop methodology 

Almost 38000 of lines undergo thought work, check runners don’t use check engine, particularly in C#. They start with the for loop for initial ten tests, then browse the traced codes from surpass and create this a daily procedure that sums up to 25000 tests. This is the strategy of for loop with hardcore method calls. And these are very easy to accomplish automation check hacks which could appear unbelievable. However, it’s a bitter reality of however unlearned testers are acting automation testing of late.   

Duplicating of Tests 

Another instance of such improper automation testing approach is taking one copy of tests because the purpose the variable changes in another situation, even software system changes however traced the content of code is taken all told the environments. It’s ne’er discovered by checkers that the copy of constant check from a previous one is performed instead they tell that’s was constant quite test.  

And this can be done endlessly on completely different situations. Moreover, when a particular time, the check code doesn’t stay constant, however it becomes similar since distinction invariably happens in automation testing–it’s not possible to refactor the code.  Testing Automation

program IDE for Keyword-Driven Testing 

There are several cases of check automation engineers who have complete codes saved in their surpass sheets that they use in their keyword drove testing method. Hence, during this manner keyword driven testing has outlasted its purpose. Why? There are tests need} coding than another tests require well illustration by using the keyword driven strategy. But this addiction to repeating code from program observe has eventually ruined the complete method. The automation testers are merely reading and repeating from their spreadsheets, do string data formatting, generate the C# file, organize it at the runtime and run the code!  

Researching Approach

Individuals these days state they’re researching to find out higher coding skills, however here to such testers use Google program to search out the cutoff solutions. How? The testers open the links from the primary few results of the Google page than they directly apply an equivalent strategy –copying & pasting the codes from these links. They do not model it; even they don’t notice that these codes exist already in their previous spreadsheets, as a result of such automation testers aren’t attempting to grasp the important, and correct intent of testing. Astonishingly, they with pride declare that they write such a big amount of codes during a day. 

Delete Assertion Rule

Further, these kinds of unprofessional machine-controlled testers work on the goal of deleting the assertion. It’s our duty that just in case that the automation testing begins to fail, we want to figure on them instead of thinking that company can contemplate is a nasty tester if we to tend to show them the unsuccessful testing results. So, to save lots of them from a shame the machine-controlled checker deletes the assertion that may be a total misunderstanding of playing the test automation properly.  

Repeat Testing Technique

Then, there’s a repeater automation tester. What’s this kind of tester’s goal? The person doesn’t wish to find out multi-threading therefore he/she rather than determination any issue can browse it just one occasion per check considering there are just ten or twelve tests that require to be run, therefore it’s fine mistreatment such technique! Most of the testers ar acting on this strategy. 

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