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In today’s world, I bet you won’t notice anyone United Nations agency hasn’t shopped online. E-commerce/Retail may be a business that thrives on its online customers. Looking face to face vs. looking online has several blessings. Convenience, time-saving and straightforward access to merchandise worldwide, etc.
A good E-commerce /Retail website is vital to its success. It should be a worthy counterpart to the front. Because, once you shop at a physical store, the client has already created a commitment to go to and would possibly provide the whole an opportunity.
Online, decisions area unit several. So, unless there’s engagement from the start, the user would possibly simply leave.


Below, we’ve got listed vital segments and take a look at cases for e-commerce website testing.


Homepages of retail sites area unit busy. They need lots happening. However, most of them have a Hero Image
This is the sort of the clickable image (a slideshow of sorts) that occupies the bulk of the page.

The following area unit a couple of things to test:

• Is it attending to automotive vehicle scroll?
• If yes, at what interval can the image be refreshed?
• When the user hovers over it, is it still attending to scroll to successive one?
• Can or not it’s hovered on?
• Can or not it’s clicked on?
• If yes, is it taking you to the correct page and right deal?
• Is it loading beside the remains of the page or masses last as compared to the opposite components on the page?
• Can the remainder of the content be viewed?
• Does it render a similar approach completely different in several in numerous} browsers and different screen resolutions?


Search algorithms are vital for the success of a retail website as a result of we have a tendency to can’t forever place what the users need to check right before of their eyes.
Common tests are:
• Search supported Product name, brand or one thing additional loosely, the class. As an example Camera, Canon Greek deity 700D, natural philosophy, etc.
• Search Results need to be relevant
• Different type choices need to be available- supported complete, Price, and Reviews/ratings etc.
• How several results to show per page?
• For multi-page results, area unit their choices to navigate to them.


Once a user finds a product either through search or by browsing or by clicking on that from the homepage, the user are taken to the merchandise data page.
• Image or pictures of the merchandise
• Price of the merchandise
• Product specifications
• Reviews
• Check out choices
• Delivery choices
• Shipping data
• In stock/Out of stock
• Multiple colours or variations choices
• Breadcrumb navigation for the classes (highlighted in Red below). If navigation like that are displayed, make certain each component of its users.


This is the penultimate stage before the user commits to the acquisition.
Test the following:
• Add things to the cart and continue searching
• If the user adds identical item to the cart whereas continued to buy, the item count within the handcart ought to get incremented
• All things and their totals ought to be displayed within the cart
• Taxes as per location ought to be applied
• A user will add a lot of things to the cart- total ought to replicate identical
• Update the contents added to the cart- total ought to replicate that too
• Remove things from the cart
• Proceed to checkout
• Calculate Shipping prices with completely different shipping choices
• Apply coupons.


• Check completely different payment choices
• If permitting check up on as Guest, merely end the acquisition and supply associate choice to register at the top
• Returning customers — Login to ascertain out
• User check-in
• If storing client MasterCard or the other monetary data, perform security testing around this to form certain it’s secure.(PCI compliance could be a must)
• If the user is signed up for an extended time, confirm the session is regular out or not. Each website encompasses a completely different threshold. For some, it’s ten minutes. For some, it’d show a discrepancy.
• Emails/Text confirmation with the ordered variety generated.


The most popular listing I get from E-commerce testers is: Do I even have to check each category/every product?
The answer isn’t any.
If you’re a returning client you’ll be shown some suggested merchandise on the house page or in your go-cart.
Since these square measure dynamic parts, the simplest thanks to taking a look at these elements of the applying is to check the algorithmic rule supported that these sections square measure inhabited.
Check your information mining/BI systems and check from the back the queries that populate these sections.



• Change the Order
• Cancel the Order
• Track the Order
• Returns


• Login
• FAQs
• Contact us page
• Customer Service page etc.

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