Logo Designing

Logo is a graphical representation of an organization. A logo no only adds individuality to an organization but also communicates with its target audience. A good logo is one which is unique, catchy, simple and convincing. Tecordeon Inc. is your one stop solution for logo design. We as a premier web solution service provider never compromise with quality in logo design. Each logo designed by Tecordeon Inc. is communicative, thoughtful and graphically appealing.

Tecordeon Inc. has large base of customers who are highly satisfied with its logo designing services. The best part about our logo designing service is this we involve our customer within the logo designing process through their precious opinion on the completion of every step of logo designing. Against this, Tecordeon Inc. charges you reasonably.

Tecordeon Inc. has an impressive portfolio, which speaks volume about its quality of work. The logo designing section of this web solution company boasts of some of the best logo designers in the industry. Vast experience in logo designing field, creative vision and an aspiration to serve you best remains our mainstay.

Graphic Designing

The art of using graphics appropriately stimulate the visualization of the website. Graphic designing capabilities of Tecordeon Inc. graphic designers include technological expertise in design & development plus creative sense to make the website design more unique and eye-catching. Proficient graphic designing also ensures the appropriate balance with other elements of the website such as issues of fast loading and easy navigation is essential for the efficiency to attract the visitors. Tecordeon Inc. has organized a separate team of graphic designers for providing complete graphic designing solutions to our global clients such as graphic designing for brochures to reflect the real message of the company,graphic designing in logo to produce the unique identity of the company, graphic designing for online magazinedevelopment, etc.

Placing the graphics in website designing is just like garnishing the website to make it more attractive and Tecordeon Inc. graphic designing company do it professionally. Importance of graphic designing is not less than other elements of the website designing it provides the fresh look and feel to the website and increases the over visualization. Our graphic designers have complete understanding of effectiveness & attractiveness of graphics and they use them appropriately to add the real value to website. Graphic designing for business websites as well other social and informative sites is Tecordeon Inc. specialty for the last many years. Moreover, our designers have proficiency in design and development of complete office stationary such as brochure designing, letterhead designing, logo designing, flyers, etc.

Modern online business is the second name of competition and to meet all the essential requirements of modern business websites and to build brand identity of the company products & services, the use of graphics with latest graphic designing technologies is essential. For the high quality graphic designing our proficient graphic designers use page layout techniques, visual arts and typography. Doing online business needs a quality presentation and in the field of online magazine development, product packaging and advertisement graphics play a great role to define the subject matter instantly as compare to long text.

UI/UX Designing

Tecordeon Inc. an interactive firm specializing in UI/UX with unique homepage layout and flash interface designs.

Initially the web designers focused more on creating beautiful designs with a sole purpose of making the web-site attractive. As the internet evolved, this focus gradually shifted from attractiveness towards usability of websites as the websites became interactive, an extensive part of current web trend i.e. web 2.0, transforming the passive viewers into active users.

The new age websites are completely user centric. People hate wasting their time on flashy, clingy web pages that take minutes to load. The average time spent by users on a webpage is largely determined today by its quality of interaction with its users. Hence UI UX design has become the most important factor in today’s world.

Yet in no ways it can be attractiveness-usability tradeoff. Instead it is attractiveness plus usability which brings in the synergy. Today user interface designs are well supported with web user experience giving a meaningful direction to head towards the successful project completion.

Being an interactive Web UI Design company, we believe in working with you rather than working for you, while we design your online presence. The project concept gets initialized from you and together we do everything to take it up to the next level.

We always aspire for high quality designs for bringing in the ultimate user experience in every project we do. We insist on requirement analysis since it helps us move in the right direction and bring in the awesomeness you are looking for.

We are keen on understanding your brand and its target users. We enable your visitors to connect with you right at their first interaction with your brand by creating the perfect look and feel you expect out of our designs.

Website Designing

Website designing makes it possible to propose how your information is presented and what is the impression you make on your visitors. And as we follow, first impressions is the last. Things such as colors working well together, general layout & use of space, easy navigation, the page being sized appropriately for different screen resolutions and good integration make your site effective or ineffective. Accordingly, it attracts and keeps visitors on your web site, or it doesn’t.
Keeping the systematic importance of web design, Hidden Brains put its greatest effort and creativity to build you the site that will stand out of the rest and contribute to the success of your business.

Our aim is to keep designing professional, clear and crisp, easy to navigate and quick to download. It is the design that captures the browser’s attention and it is the content and functionality that keeps the attention. A good web designingreinforces your message and delivers it with more impact.
Our web designers will work with you to establish a specification of your website’s look and feel, functionality and navigational framework. Every company is unique and therefore each website design we create will reflect the client’s requirements and characteristics.

Website Design Services

As one of the established small business website designing company, Tecordeon Inc. offer the following web designing services to companies globally, small businesses or individual:

  • Web site design for companies & individuals
  • Ecommerce website designing
  • Small business website designing
  • Website redesign and updates
  • Custom PHP programming & designing
  • Custom ASP programming & designing
  • Custom .Net programming & designing
  • Custom web page designing & designing
  • Personal web page designing
  • Database driven websites designing
  • Flash animations & designing
  • Custom Company Logo designing

We provide a range of web designing services, website development services, eBusiness solutions and internet solutions from standard designing solutions to more complex internet solutions and services, such as ecommerce or online shop designs and database driven websites.

E-Pubs & E-Magazines

Specialized in handling various types of books and scientific/technical/medical journals. We follow a structured XML workflow system for both conventional and online publishing. Our software and R&D experts always concentrate on innovation and provide automated solutions for each project. In addition to this, we handle all the publishing and prepress related services.

What we can offer?

  • Project Management Solutions for Books/Journals including XML Workflow
  • Multilingual Typesetting
  • Typesetting (Indesign, Word Pagination, 3B2, Quark, etc.,)
  • E-books
  • Indexing
  • Designing Related Work
  • Artwork/Illustration Processing (Redrawing, Manipulating Artwork, Creative Drawing, etc.,)
  • Copy Editing Services
  • Quality Control Services
  • Data Conversion
  • OCR Work
  • Markup Languages

Mobile Website Designing

Is your website compatible for mobile devices?

Usually websites appear to be all jumbled up or are very difficult to navigate through, when accessed via a mobile phone or a smart phone. Try opening your existing website on your Blackberry, iPhone, Android, Nokia or any other mobile phone that you use. You will see that the experience of browsing your site is not the same, when viewed on a Desktop or a Laptop.

With the tremendous increase in the number of mobile phone users accessing the internet on their handhelds, it is important for the website owners to get a mobile version for their websites.

We can help you with this!

At Magnon International, we offer top-notch mobile web design services to help you reach your scattered target audience easily. The mobile version of the website that we design and develop can be –

Easily accessed on smart phone browsers such as the Blackberry, iPhone, Andorid and Nokia
Accessed on a variety of browser dimensions ranging from the smaller screens to the more popular larger screens (128 x 160 pixels, 176 x 220 pixels, 240 x 320 pixels and 320 x 480 pixels)
Used as an information dissemination platform for people accessing your website from a mobile phone.
Programmed to fetch information from existing databases.

Which mobile Operating System fits your business website?
hat we hence recommend is not a specific Application for each platform, but a Mobile Website that is accessible on all the above platforms. The Benefits are numerous:

Making it easy for your customers to reach you via a Mobile phone
No inconvenient downloads required by your customers
Easily accessible on any Mobile Browser hence
Multiple development platforms not required
Easy to update and manage
Mobile sites are best suited for:

A mobile site version is ideal when people users are accessing information on the move. Some areas where these most helpful are

  • Corporate websites
  • Pricing Display
  • Store/Dealer Locations
  • Tickets Bookings
  • Events Calendar
  • Contact Forms
  • Google Map Location plotting
  • Contacts or People Directory
  • Classifies E-commerce (Mobile Commerce)
  • Messaging Sites