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A very smart and necessary purpose. Right? If you’re a software tester or a QA engineer then you want to be thinking each minute to search out a bug in the application. And you should be!
I suppose finding a blocker bug like every system crash is commonly rewarding! No, I don’t think like that. You ought to try to determine the bugs that area unit most troublesome to search out and people invariably mislead users.
Finding such a refined bug is most difficult work and it provides you with the satisfaction of your work.
Also, it should be rewarded by seniors. I’ll share my expertise of 1 such refined bug that wasn’t solely troublesome to catch however was troublesome to reproduce additionally.
I was testing one module from my search engine project. I do most of the activities of this project manually because it could be a bit complicated to automatize. That module incorporates traffic and revenue stats of various affiliates and advertisers. Therefore, testing such a report is usually a troublesome task. Once I tested this report it absolutely was showing the info accurately processed for a few times however once tried to check once more when your time it absolutely was showing dishonest results. It absolutely was strange and confusing to ascertain the results.
There was a cron (cron is an automatic script that runs when specific time or condition) to the method the log files and update the info. Such multiple crons area unit running on log files and decibel to synchronize the full knowledge. There have been 2 crons running on one table with your time intervals. There was a column in the table that was obtaining overwritten by alternative cron creating some knowledge inconsistency. It took America durable to work out the matter because of the huge decibel processes and totally different crons.


1) understand the complete application or module in depth before starting the testing.
2) Prepare sensible check cases before begin to testing; provide stress on the useful check cases which incorporate the major risk of the applying.
3) Perform continual checks with completely different test atmosphere.
4) Try to decide the resulting pattern and so compare your results with those patterns.
5) Once you completed most of the check conditions and then do some monkey testing.
6) Use your previous check information pattern to research this set of tests.
7) Attempt some standard test cases that you found the bugs in some completely different application. If you’re testing input text box attempt inserting some markup language tags because of the inputs and see the output on the show page.

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