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  • Tecordeon is a global software and mobile apps development company.
  • Tecordeon provides IT solutions to the clients by creating high quality and cost effective software products. We take our work seriously irrespective of the size of the project and customer needs. At Tecordeon, we have built intellectual property and competence in emerging technologies and various domain areas.
  • Global software development and outsourcing Company.
  • Our services offer significantly higher value benefits than merely the outsourcing advantage. We focus on solving the unique and challenging intricacies of building and supporting cutting-edge software products. Our innovative approach, coupled with our core engineering strength, aims at “exceeding the expectations of the customer”, consistently and continuously.
  • Tecordeon, Inc is founded by highly experienced software/business professionals. Our mission is to provide innovative and cutting edge technology solutions to improve our client’s business.
  • Tecordeon provides high-value, high performance software products and services for education, healthcare, financial services, insurance, manufacturing, telecommunications, web designs and entertainment industries.
  • Tecordeon is partnered with technology companies in India and Australia. Tecordeon is guided by a strong value system. These values nurture ethics empowerment, commitment and resilience and are practiced at every level. We provide excellent value proposition to our customers through combination of mature processes, best practices and unique delivery models.


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The beginning of a project lays the groundwork for the rest of the project. The purpose of this phase is to set the framework for the project, which involves:

SDLC based Waterfall Model
Iterative Spiral Model
Rational Unified Process
Agile Model.

Traditional SDLC based Waterfall Model:

This model works out as a best suite when the requirements freeze upfront and are well-documented with no uncertainty in the scope. It is usually used to execute small scale projects.

Iterative Spiral Model:

Iterative and Incremental Development is a product development and management methodology that permits iterative project development and cyclic progress assessment. This development methodology is derived from the well documented ‘helix / iterative’ software engineering models. The whole project cycle is sub divided into vertical segments, called ‘slices’ and each slice calls for a deliverable. Each slice is developed individually using the ‘waterfall model’. Developers will analyze, design, code and test in a rigid loop.
Slice partitioning is done up front, with the selection criteria like:

The slices should be vertical, meaning they should not be sub-systems. Slices should cut across as much of the functionality of the system as possible, being tangible sets of functionality that allow the user to get a look and feel. Slices should represent features. In case of schedule slippages, certain functionality releases may be differed

Slices should be executable and demonstrable

A slice should typically take a few weeks to complete

This lets a concrete part of the project to be complete at the end of a slice. The complete testing is carried out in each of the iterations. This methodology facilitates better risk management, better control on the project schedule through better monitoring and corrective actions in the early hours and better requirements management in an incremental mode.

This methodology facilitates requirement evolution in the development process

Rational Unified Process:
The Unified Process is not simply a process, but rather an extensible framework which can and should be customized for specific organizations and/or projects. The Rational Unified Process is, similarly, a customizable framework.

Agile Process model:
The main properties of Agile Development which makes it so effective are small timeline concrete and continuous feedback incremental approach for planning short documentation flexibility in development process schedule refined team

Activities performed in Agile Processes are frequently concurrent and repeated often. Agile model makes it very simple for the team to meet the changing requirements of clients and it is also useful to deliver tailored solutions in less amount of time. The Agile solutions are more relevant, more secured and cost-effective.

Major benefits obtained from Agile Process Model

  • Approval of changing requirements of clients during total life cycle of the project
  • Frequent delivery by the team members
  • Continuous communication of clients with all the team members during the project
  • Priority based on customer satisfaction
  • Rapid development with more significance

Tecordeon Inc implements Agile Software Development Model to deliver extra-ordinary and creative applications. Our solutions are error-free, user-friendly and of high quality delivered according to frequent requirements of the clients. Tecordeon is expert in delivering Agile mobile applications with MonoTouch & Mono for Android.

  • Activities and steps
  • Software Development Models
  • Tecordeon’s robust internal process methodology is clearly defined, yet flexible to meet the needs of diverse customer types. It represents an optimization of standard process management techniques and best practices established through many years of project development experience.
  • ISO 9001:2008 certified process methodology combines the finer points of several well-known process models, including Rational Unified Process (RUP) and eXtreme Programming (XP). Tecordeon is readily able to incorporate these types of processes entirely into their own methodology when working with clients.
  • Our process methodology is continually reviewed for improvement to further ensure quality development and product delivery consistent with customer expectations.


Supporting disciplines:

Configuration Management:
We take utmost precaution to ensure the consistency of a product?s performance, functionality and physical attributes with its requirements, design and operational performance information throughout its life.
Document Quality Assurance
We provide everything in black & white for easy understandability and transferability of our systems, processes, methodologies, and technical design documents which is useful for the easy maintainability of the code and software products.
Project management
Tecordeon adopts to the vibrant and dynamic business environment through a proper planning and execution of the projects with matured management practices.
User Experience design
Tecordeon?s expert designing team understands the client?s requirements and provides a user intuitive creative product designing solutions which help in exponential business growth of our customers.


  • IDE?s: Visual Studio, CakePHP, Code Igniter, NetBeans, Eclipse, Mono Touch, Mono for Android
  • Designing Tools: Photoshop, CorelDraw, Illustrator, InDesign
  • QA Tools: Quality Center, Jira, other reporting tools
  • Reporting: Crystal Reports
  • Office Tools: MS Office, Open Office,
  • Project Management Tools: Web2Project, Open Project, MS Project,
  • Mobile App testing: Iphones, Ipads, Android (HDPI, MDPI, LDPI), Tablets etc.