Three Tips to Update Your Mobile Payment Application 

With the expansion in mobile consumption and possession, individual’s area unit currently a lot of connected with technologies that they tend to try and do most of their daily activities via their individual gadgets. Among the services that mobile users maximize, mobile payment is one amongst the foremost common. If you’re progressing to build a payment system for a smartphone, tablet, or smartwatch, then this text can assist you to make one with sensible returns.  

Top mobile payment choices these days 


Are you progressing to build your own mobile payment system? If thus it’s in all probability value reviewing the foremost well-liked and high payment choices presently on the market (as of July 2014) and their internet influence scores, in step with Appinions report.  

  • PayPal – 197.8 (most influenced) 
  • MasterCard – 69.7 
  • LevelUp – 17.4 
  • Braintree – 12.4 
  • Venmo – 10.6 
  • SinglePoint – 8.7 
  • Square – 8.1 
  • VeriFone – 6.6 
  • Visa – 6.32 
  • Clinkle – 6  

Tips to initiate your application 


In order to make a compelling mobile payment system, there are a unit numerous innovative way in which you’ll be able to embody in your application. Here are a unit some tips you ought to consider:

NFC-capability and a lot of property

To gift showcase your innovation, acquire several the foremost revolutionary technologies which will flip your system into one amongst the foremost needed mobile payment solutions these days. Samsung may be a model as their new behavior Samsung Pay that’s gift on their new Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge devices. supported the video conferred by O2, the corporate incorporated payment techniques of NFC, Universal Product Code reader, and Mountain Time (Magnetic Secure Transmission) for older payment terminals. you’ll be able to additionally embody different sensors like information association, Bluetooth, GPS, and Wi-Fi.

Period update and a good list of partners

One of the simplest options that draws users to put in applications is that the ability to supply period updates and help. If they’re able to create payments in period with none issues, then the applying is activity an awfully economical service. it’ll even be helpful if you’ll be able to reach to a good range of partnered banks or systems for your mobile payment app to avoid any issues concerning transactions.

Expand your reach through wearables

PayPal did it, thus why shouldn’t you? PayPal has dilated its app reach to automaton Wear, Tizen-powered devices, yet because the rock smartwatches. Wearables, notably the smartwatches, area unit among the foremost anticipated technologies these days. it’ll be helpful if you scrutinize the chance of your app being offered to wearable devices as presently as potential. though the enlargement doesn’t have to be compelled to be immediate, the concept can provide you with a position over your competitors.  

Security – solely partner with high banks and respected on-line payment systems on-line to confirm that your application is absolutely secure. It’s imperative that you just feature that in your app in the least times to point out potential customers that your system is safe. 

User expertise – make sure that your app incorporates a sensible user expertise, with quick loading time, skilled style, and period updates. ne’er run Associate in Nursing application on the market, while not making certain that your app is unflawed. though nothing is ideal, you’ll be able to higher address the common issues of users by doing research initial. 

Mobile app needs to be mobile – ne’er produce a mobile application that appears like its desktop version or one thing that results in its official web site. bear in mind that the explanation they put in the applying was for the convenience, so offer it to them by making certain that the planning is awake to all mobile screen sizes. 

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